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How Long Will This Bubble Last?

In his new book, author and solar industry insider, Joe Gwerder offers compelling information – and asks crucial questions – that will determine the future of the solar industry as we know it here in America. He shares many personal “behind the scene” insights and stories that will have most of you in near disbelief. Any decisions to participate in the solar photovoltaics arena should be delayed until you read this book.


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Other Books by Joe Gwerder

Listen Without Your Ears

Listen Without Your Ears book cover

"Simple logic would suggest: The creator of “Everything” would not have to “put up with” anything against its desire. It is not practical to believe that “God” would have the same fallacies as humans and demand fear as a motive to obey.


Listen Out Loud

Listen Out Loud book cover

"The common phrase that says:” We (I) will make it happen” would serve a much better purpose by simply exchanging one word. For most of us, within many of our choices, we would be wise to adhere to a different approach: “We (I) will let it happen.


20/20 Listening

20/20 Listening book cover

"By definition, our governments are performing exactly as described. According to Webster’s Dictionary “To govern” means to: control, rule, dominate, determine, restrain, direct, have depending on it. Is this really what our governments are about?