The Listen Books by Joe Gwerder

Inspire Feeling, Promote Thought, Encourage Responsibility

About Joe Gwerder

Joe Gwerder

Joe grew up in a small rural area of Northern California. He still lives in the same area and has raised his family there. As a completely self-employed business owner since age 29, he has seen a lot of change and diversity in the way business is approached. Also, as a man that has accepted his strong abilities to “feel” things through his intuition he has a personal passion to help people.

With many published articles and four published books thus far, writing has become his priority as a means to reach the masses. Through all three of his books in “The Listen Series” he reveals content that is very relevant to the human condition and how we all coexist together.

In his fourth book he focuses on a specific industry in which he has been directly involved for most of its existence in America as we now know it. He is extremely passionate about the solar industry and how it is perceived by the general public. In fact, he will profess that his book should be read before any decisions are made toward an involvement with solar at any level. He considers his book to be a serious warning concerning the longevity of the solar business in the U.S.