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Listen Out Loud

Listen Out Loud by Joe Gwerder

About This Book

This is a book that all of the human race should read. It does not come with direct instructions or claims of uncovered secrets. It is written by a middle-aged man who has learned to accept and “listen” to his intuition. This is something all of us can do if we are shown how. The content herein is surprising, sometimes challenging, and most of all, refreshing. There are no advanced college degrees to earn your trust. There is however, integrity and a source of energy that is beyond the typical author’s claim to expertise. With an open heart and mind you will be very surprised with the awareness and understanding you will gain. The sole purpose of this book is to intrigue you to become in tune with your higher self. This does not come with an involvement of any religion, but rather through a much more personal knowing. If you choose, you will become aware of your higher energy.


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Excerpt From Book

There is a phrase that many people use occasionally. I have said it myself. “We (I) will make it happen.” A much better statement would simply have us exchange one word. Consider this reconstructed statement and what it now suggests, “We (I) will let it happen.” To me, the word “make” is a requirement of action that could be forced. On the other hand, the word “let” suggests freedom. There is a welcoming effect that seems to allow time for the process to produce itself in some ways.

Consider this analogy. When you plant a garden, you do not “make” the plants grow. What you are actually doing is participating in “letting” the plants grow. You have provided the basics of soil, water and exposure to sunlight, and then planted the seed. After that, you basically wait. You watch and nurture, but you do not ”make” or force the plants to grow. When all things are in concert together, a vibrant healthy plant will soon show itself.

A growing plant is much the same as any given event in our life. On the surface, you provide all the preliminary thoughts, information and logical input. After that, you would be doing yourself a great service to step back and see what germinates. The larger the event or decision is to you, and/ or others around you, the more important your allowance of this calm, neutral time is toward showing you a comfortable direction. In the previous chapter, I also referred to this process as “resting time”. I’m expanding on this principle in this chapter because it bears repeating. This personal exercise can easily go unused, and actually is unused most of the time with many people. You’ll be very happy with many more of your future decisions and actions as you personally incorporate this process in your own life.

The following diagram is a simple visual of a typical example of our topic of discussion.

“Neutral” or Resting Timeline
You just became aware of a big opportunity (decision)

arrow to next step

Initial Reaction
Mostly surface emotions

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Preliminary “pros and cons” assessed based on your past experiences, others opinions, your current priority structure and the current environment. Mostly driven by thoughts at this point. Your initial feelings are giving you the indication of “peaceful” or not- LISTEN!

arrow to next step


(A) If sincerely peaceful feelings of comfort show no signs of question, you may proceed sooner than later.


(B) If any feelings of question or uncertainty are present, even the most subtle doubts or confusion, this is when you would greatly benefit from pausing. Allow the seeds you have planted to grow and show you a truly comfortable direction.


If you have any doubts, concerns or lack of information, you will feel restless, anxious, uneasy, etc. These can be subtle so be careful not to drown them out with your initial preconceived emotions on the surface.

If you are completely at ease and relaxed with this direction, you will feel as though you are not forcing anything. You are content and comfortable.


Just prior to starting this book, I was still unclear of its title. I considered several other titles, but the simple term Listen Out Loud kept showing up in my mind. Quite honestly, I did like how it sounded but was not clear of what it meant. Then one day I was driving with my fiance (Tracy) and she asked me this question, “Could this be what you are doing sometimes when you talk to me?” At that moment, it all came together. Tracy has a way of bringing ideas out of me through general conversation. In fact, I have given her a couple of titles that are absolutely appropriate. I call her my “missing link” and my “catalyst”.

Many times, (as many of you know from my first book), when I go back and read my own material, I am actually learning from it myself. It is as if I am reading it for the first time. I am frequently very impressed with what I’ve written. It has been a couple of months now since I completed my first book Listen Without Your Ears, and I still read chapters from it and learn. So when Tracy asked, “Is this what you are doing (listening out loud) when you are talking to me?” It completely made sense now. Yes! All at once I was clear. Many times when talking to her I am verbalizing inner feelings much the same as I do when I write. With her, I feel absolutely no risk of judgment. There is a complete presence of freedom. I can talk out loud without filtering anything. This relationship (as with everything we do) is totally congruent at our higher level of being.

Much of what I hear coming from me when she and I have certain private conversations is somewhat revolutionary to me! There are many ways in which all of us can and should “listen out loud”. For me, and maybe for some of you, one of my ways is to open myself up to my “missing link”. So to sum up the simple definition of the term “listen out loud”, I would have to go in an opposite direction of Listen Without Your Ears. In this book it is all about listening with your ears also. At first this may seem a little simplistic, but as we continue through this book my goal is to draw your attention to many examples of ways you have yet to consider. Your “higher self” has a large assortment of methods in which to communicate with your conscious, “physical self”. For many people, a moderate amount of these communications are passed over quickly or completely missed altogether.

I must say that I am very excited to be the conduit for the information that is going to flow out of my pen in the coming pages. I truly hope this content brings awareness and clarity, so you may improve your level of experiences and possibly be a valuable influence to others. On a side note, I have reprinted chapter one from my first book, Listen Without Your Ears. As a relatively new author and with my first book less than a year old, I feel it is important to give you, my readers, some basic history of my roots. Even if you have read book one, you may find a value in reading chapter one again.

~ Joe

Table of Contents

Author’s Message
Chapter 1: My Childhood
Chapter 2: Have You Heard Yourself Lately?
Chapter 3: Your Personal Reinforcements
Chapter 4: “Incoming!”
Chapter 5: Talking to That Special Someone
Chapter 6: Listening to That Special Someone
Chapter 7: “Step” Parents
Chapter 8: “Step” Kids
Chapter 9: Intentions = Actions, or Do They?
Chapter 10: “Helping” or “Enabling”
Chapter 11: Prejudices
Chapter 12: “Snap” Judgments
Chapter 13: “Judgments” and Important Decisions
Chapter 14: ”Falling into Place”
Chapter 15: Meaningful Purpose in Careers
Chapter 16: “The Little Things”
Chapter 17: “Know That You Will Know”
Chapter 18: Trends and Patterns
Chapter 19: Image
Closing Comments: Being a “Difference Maker”