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Listen Without Your Ears

Listen Without Your Ears by Joe Gwerder

About This Book

If we must categorize this book, then it would be classified in several ways. It will be spiritual. It could be labeled “self-help”. It will have personal meaning. We will also go into business relationships. So with all these different arenas, what makes me qualified to talk about them? Good question. This may be where some of you stop reading, but I’m going to simply say – I just am. I do not have a college education. I am not a famous figure. I do not come from a wealthy family. I do not have any of the typical facades that usually capture the public attention. I will tell you this however; if you open your mind and heart, and keep reading, I will surprise you. In fact, I’m confident you will surprise yourself. By the way, this is not going to be a religious sermon. Many things talked about will come without tangible proof. The intention of this book is very broad, yet simple. I wish to give you freedoms and awareness you are currently overlooking if you are like most people. It is amazing that so many good people are not realizing a higher level of happiness because of confusion and current human protocol. We all have intuition. I will help you realize yours to a much higher degree if you desire.

Believe it or not, it is not my priority to have you believe everything I say. My priority is to cause you to think. To feel. To be honest with yourself. As you will come to realize, to listen without your ears.



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A Truth From a Higher Place

Please read this segment slowly and more than once.

Simple logic would suggest: the creator of “everything”would not have to “put up with” anything against its desire. It is not practical to believe that “God” would have the same fallacies as humans and demand fear as a motive to obey.

If we are talking about a true source of everything (God), it does not claim any rational logic to expect that this same creator would “settle for” anything less than perfect. As humans, we have assigned (all of our versions of God) our human characteristics in order to relate with our mortal minds. It is not possible for us to conceive of absolute pureness with our mental limitations, so we have given our gods some of our imperfections in order for us to grasp, at our level, a kind of understanding.

The simple fact that as people we cannot agree on a single God is the ironic proof of our own “ad-libbing”to the creator(s). The term: “Gospel has been handed down over eons” is true, basically. What is seemingly uncalculated through all the different times and societies of this “handing down” are interpretations. The instant something is filtered through any human being, there is a potential for a skewed version of the original message when repeated. Multiply this potential of interpretational change by however many times and or people it passed through, and a realistic expectation of pure original content is removed.

There are those who say it (Gospel in whatever version of God) was written at the direction of God. It appears as though the writings of today are done with materials that were not used thousands of years ago. At some point these writings, or instructions, were passed through humans which opens the concept of interpretation. I am in no way debating the existence of an energy source which is at the core of all our existences. What I am debating is the childish claim we as humans make about which God is real and which is not. The “direction of division” we are in the process of experiencing is a circle. It does not end on a path of “me versus you”. Part of our major shift that is happening is the accepting of each other.

The true creator is not violent. Were it so, it would destroy itself. As we subdue, and eventually cease, our violence towards each other, we will all move toward the side of the pendulum where only love and The Golden Rule are experienced. To fight among ourselves about different versions of God is as naive as fighting over bread while standing in the middle of a wheat field. God will never require any form of violence or pain. Nor will God ever prevent it. We all have free will. We choose our experiences with ourselves in conjunction with each other. The only protocol from God is experiencing itself. To experience is the purpose of human life. Universal movement does not know right or wrong, it simply moves. It is time for the human race to grow up and accept responsibility for our own experiences and stop blaming “the other guy” and his God. We are all people and we are at a commonplace in this universe (planet Earth). I do not believe that a twisted creator has trapped us here together like dogs in a pen just to watch us fight.

Introduction (from the book)

Several years ago I began writing. I’ve always written notes, letters, goals, plans, etc., but this was different. For the first time I was writing what appeared to be articles. What’s strange about this is I wasn’t sending them to anyone. No one requested this of me. I just felt like writing about something and would pick up a full-size notepad and pen and start. At first my articles might be one page (written) or ten pages. I would just get to a point where I was content and end it. Most of my subject matter was (and much still is) personal. These did not come out in diary form, but more like analysis form. I would address a specific topic as though I had an audience. Before long I’d find myself going beyond my personal issues and examining a much, much broader scope of human interaction, behavior etc.

As more of my thoughts and feelings came out, I could see a pattern developing. This type of communication suited me very well. Actually, (at the risk of sounding a little full of myself), sometimes my articles would impress me! As I continued, I began sharing some of my writing with certain people around me. They were also impressed. Many of my “articles” were of the professional nature. I would address a company protocol and/ or the function of its people. I was also more specific at times in referring to my personal industry of construction and/ or solar energy. I particularly enjoyed connecting my roots of farming and ranching with the implementation of solar energy. Many of my articles were included in my own company website and several were published in California Farmer magazine and Nevada Rancher newspaper.

On a completely different note, I wrote a lot of very personal papers that simply were kept in my desk drawer. These were a means of communication I was having with my higher self and other energies that were not of the physical nature. Many of these writings were during difficult times of personal struggle. I now realize I was preparing myself to be able to accept my abilities to connect with my intuition and produce real information based on real experiences that I could provide on a widespread scale to the public with my strong desire to help others. However, prior to this awareness I would question myself, “where is this coming from?” I’m only a high school graduate. I wasn’t an “A:’ student. My school had only a couple hundred students combined in all four grades. My childhood was really messed up (more on this later). I’ve been in construction, farming and ranching my entire life. Suffice it to say, I’m not the stereotypical author. Nevertheless I enjoy it, I’m good at it and a lot of my information comes without extensive research or study.

This book contains very diversified content. At times I will share personal experiences, thoughts, feelings and opinions. I will look at history, address the future, and even talk about others. I have not asked anyone’s permission so I will not use any of their personal information. I will include many of my original articles along the way and be controversial at times. You will soon realize my intent to challenge the status quo.

Finally, I will admit there will be times I will repeat myself in principle. That is to say I will talk about the same subject more than once as we go along. I have a certain “straightforward” style of communicating. By far, the most important thing I wish to say now is – thank you! Thank you for taking the time to read this material. I truly hope it promotes thought, inspires feelings and causes discussion.

Today I begin to manifest so much that has been coming for a long time – this book is that beginning. I am both excited and intimidated. I am excited because I know that you can realize a much more positive approach to your life’s experiences with some clarity. Through my awareness I hope to provide you clarity in areas you may be simply overlooking and/or allowing the “status quo” to decide for you. I am a little intimidated due to my limited experience in publishing material for public view (at least on a large scale).

I have so much to share, yet I’m not exactly sure how to put it all together. So, I will do what I have been doing for quite some time: start. Again, on the outside I do not fit the typical author stereotype. But then what is the typical author? That depends on the subject matter a great deal. For me, it is not a good idea to stereotype. When I reach a conclusion of this first book, I truly hope some, if not most, of you will have benefited. That is my goal. Although I will talk about some of my own experiences, I really want what I say here to cause others to “look and listen”.

Table of Contents

Author’s Message
Chapter 1: My Childhood
Chapter 2: Take Care of You
Chapter 3: Maneuvering Difficult Times
Chapter 4: Finding Your Place
Chapter 5: Change
Chapter 6: Tone
Chapter 7: On the Subject of Alcohol
Chapter 8: Individually: Who Are We Competing With?
Chapter 9: Collectively: Who Are We Competing With?
Chapter 10: Reality Check
Chapter 11: The “Either-Or” Restriction
Chapter 12: Does the Biggest & Baddest Always Win?
Chapter 13: “Togetherness” and “Space”
Chapter 14: The Evolution of the Survival Instinct
Chapter 15: Aging Parents
Chapter 16: Legacy
Chapter 17: Timing
Chapter 18: “Truth” and/or “Perceived Truth”
Chapter 19: “Wide Spread Proof”
Closing Comments
Author’s Note